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Fisheye Webcam

Introducing the Fisheye web camera a top-of-the-heap usb multi-use camera for capturing video and photos in any situation, this camera renders an 5 mm lens with an 65 degree angle of view to give you a terrific view for capturing memories and memories. Plus, the Fisheye web camera is straightforward to handle with an 5 mm lens, 5 minutes of battery life, and a fast 5 g rate.

Fisheye Webcam Amazon

This web camera is first-rate for lovers who yearn for an exceptional 2 k web cam experience, with an 90 wide-angle lens and an 10-60 mm lens, this camera can handle any camera-related activity with ease. Another peerless feature is the low light correction, which help you levels the playing field among all your users, the Fisheye camera is an enticing camera for bridge or use as a web cam for video conferencing. This camera imparts a wide Fisheye angle for a desktop laptop or phone, it renders a microphone for voice and video chat. This camera is furthermore splendid for taking pictures and videos from a web cam for printing or sharing online, this microsoft lifecam vx-6000 webcam hd wide angle lens is practical for capturing amazing video and photos with out the fear of background noise. With 3 x digital zoom, 5, 0 megapixel resolution, and an 5-year warranty, this camera is splendid for capturing amazing footage in difficult shots. This is a web camera with an 180 degrees Fisheye lens, it can track and capture 4 k video and 8 k video at 2. 5 k resolution, it uses an usb2. 0 interface and extends an 420 watt compact power brick, the box grants a Fisheye webcam card, a web server, and a web browser. The webcam can track and detect features up to 180 degrees.